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Welcome to my notebook. It's a place for silly notions and apps nobody wants. It's a place to work through ideas and explore the details.


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Build More

One of my goals of this project is to establish a habit of creation.

Hopefully, the monthly cadence is slow enough that I can squeeze in some non-trivial work between my other responsibilities. Slow enough that I can finish something worth sharing.

I'm trying not to focus on quality, though. That's the easy trap. So much of my learning--both during and outside of work--focuses on making sure things can handle massive traffic and can easily be extended.

That's not what I'm doing here.

This project is about doing interesting things. It's about stretching my mind a little and reconnecting with the joy of doing something for its own sake... not because it will help me learn some specific tool or technology (although that would be a nice side effect).

Think Better

You can only get so far pondering on life in isolation. At some point, you have to reach out into the world.

Writing improves the quality of your thinking. It forces the ideas to interact with other parts of your brain, picking up bits of connection and nuance as it goes. Fixing thoughts into prose forces you to nail down details that were easy to skip when your ideas just fluttered around in your head.

How do you level up your thinking?

Improving your skills--going from novice to journeyman--is easy enough... it mostly involves study and practice. Experience takes care of most of that. You're pretty good at that by now.

The next jump is different. It has to be, or else it would just be a continuation of the previous.

See Snails

Why snails?

Why not? I thought "Snail Snail" was fun to say, and my wife agreed. At some point, I decided to only register domains that have a nice mouthfeel.

See also: number mumbler

Share Everything

One of the core tenets of this project is to make all of it freely available. The code is all available under permissive open source licenses. Text and images use Creative Commons.


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About this Site

This site is hosted on Carrd, which is an easy way to get started. It's all single-page sites. They provide templates and a straightforward design interface.

You can host a page for free using the domain, which is nice.

I registered my own domain name (I always use Namecheap) so that I own my URLs and have control over my space. That means I had to upgrade to a Pro Account for $19/yr. Not too bad.

If you're thinking, "that sounds fun, I should make a page"... then you definitely should go do it right now.

Image Attributions

"Snail icon from L'ornement Polychrome (1888) by Albert Racinet (1825-1893). Digitally enhanced from our own original 1888 edition." is licensed under CC0 1.0

"Snails on a Wall" by Nagasawa Rosetsu (Japanese, 1754-1799) is licensed under CC0 1.0

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